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Tania Linares

Class of 2015

Tania Linares

Tania Linares, class of 2015, spent the summer of 2013 in Chicago interning for the National Immigrant Justice Center’s Asylum Project and LGBT Immigrant Rights Initiative. While interning with NIJC, Tania had the opportunity to do a wide range of activities. She was privileged to do everything from conducting intake interviews to drafting briefs to even representing clients in their proceedings. Tania had many rewarding experiences while interning, stating that, “Any time any of my clients got released from detention or was granted relief” was among her greatest experiences. Tania stated that her Lawyering Skills class her first year of law school served her very well and the skills she was taught enabled her to “hit the ground running” as soon as she arrived at NIJC.

Having previously volunteered for NIJC as a Spanish interpreter before coming to law school, Tania was able to see “the tremendous impact NIJC had on the lives of low-income immigrants.” This previous experience with NIJC is one of the experiences that motivated Tania to attend law school in the first place.

Tania was able to take away many valuable skills from her time at NIJC. Tania serves on the SIU Law Journal and feels her work at NIJC has helped improve her writing skills. In fact Tania’s case note, which was inspired by her time at NIJC, has been chosen for publication. The title of the case note is: Inhale, Exile: Limiting Review of Aggravated Felonies and Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude after Moncrieffe v. Holder, 133 S. Ct. 1678 (2013).

Further, Tania was able to gain real world experience and was able to “work alongside some of the best immigration lawyers in the country and learn about novel issues in the field.” Tania would “absolutely” recommend this program to another student. Especially for 1L students, this program provides a hands-on experience as well as the opportunity to learn from some of the best lawyers who are practicing in immigration law.

Tania intends to spend the summer of 2014 working for the American Civil Liberties Union.  Unsure of exactly what area of law she would like to practice after graduation, she definitely knows that she wishes to pursue a practice in public interest law and she certainly possesses the skill and talent to be successful throughout her career.