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Appellate Advocacy

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After the first year, students may compete for selection to the Appellate Advocacy Division of the Moot Court Board. Students interested in appellate advocacy participate in an multi-round Intramural Moot Court Competition during the fall of their second year. From these students, several are selected to represent the school in national moot court competitions, beginning in the spring of their second year and continuing into their third year. Southern Illinois’ success in national competitions is notable.

Intramural Competition

Early in the fall semester, second year students may participate in the SIU Intramural Moot Court Competition. In teams of two, the students write a brief and argue a challenging problem of federal law. Most years, the Intramural Competition will use the problem written for the National Health Law Moot Court Competition, which SIU hosts in November. Members of the Moot Court Board are selected from the students who participate in the Intramural Competition.

National Competitions 

The Southern Illinois University School of Law has an active and respected program for students interested in moot court competitions. Moot Court Board members frequently receive recognition for their oral advocacy and brief-writing skills.

National Health Law Moot Court Competition

For over twenty-five years, the Southern Illinois University School of Law, the Department of Medical Humanities at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, the American College of Legal Medicine, and the American College of Legal Medicine Foundation have sponsored the National Health Law Moot Court Competition. The Competition is held annually at the Southern Illinois University School of Law in Carbondale, Illinois.