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Accelerated Two Year JD

The School of Law offers a scheduling option that allows eligible students to complete the JD degree in two years. Students must indicate their interest in this option at the time of their application to law school. Only students with outstanding academic credentials will be eligible. Students who are approved for this option must maintain a GPA that is at or above the median for their class to continue with the accelerated schedule. 

Students in SIU's Accelerated Two Year JD scheduling option will begin in the fall semester and follow the traditional first-year curriculum, thereby allowing them to build camaraderie with the rest of the first-year class - a hallmark of the first-year experience. At the conclusion of the first year, students will continue on the accelerated schedule during the summer and finish at the conclusion of the following summer. Students can opt out of the Accelerated Two Year JD option and resume a normal schedule at any time during their course of study.