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Master of Social Work

The joint J.D./M.S.W program is designed to educate practitioners in law and social work to effectively utilize the problem-solving strategies and techniques of both disciplines. Students prepared in this program will develop an understanding of the ethics, language, research, history, and processes of both professions. Individuals so trained will be uniquely prepared for careers which combine both legal and human service needs such as administration, supervision of the provision of services, public policy leadership roles, family practice, and community planning and development. Students with this joint degree will be uniquely prepared to address the myriad of problems in our society which present complex legal and social issues. 

The School of Social Work offers two tracks for the M.S.W. degree. Track One is a two-year track requiring 60 hours of credit. Track One is generally undertaken by those students whose undergraduate degree is in a field other than social work. Track Two consists of a 39-hour credit requirement and is capable of being completed in one summer and one academic year. Track Two is available to selected students who have an undergraduate degree in social work from an accredited social work program.

The concurrent program would combine requirements to enable students to receive the two degrees simultaneously with a minimum requirement of 81 hours in law and 51 hours in social work (in the 60-hour track) or 33 hours of social work (in the 39-hour track).