Exploring the Second Amendment 10 Years after DC vs Heller

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Exploring the Second Amendment 10 Years after DC vs Heller

SIU Law Journal Symposium "Exploring the Second Amendment 10 Years after DC vs Heller"

April 19, 2018
8:30 AM - 3:00 PM 
SIU School of Law Auditorium

In the ten years since the Supreme Court decided District of Columbia v. Heller, Second Amendment issues have remained at the forefront of American political, legal, and social discourse. State and Federal justice
systems have wrestled with questions about the scope of the Second Amendment, the appropriate standard of review, and the proper balance between regulating and respecting one’s right to keep and bear arms.

This symposium takes up these questions, examining current issues surrounding the Second Amendment as well as its history and potential future through a series of panels. Participants will discuss the roots of the Second Amendment within its historical context, the proper standard of review for Second Amendment cases, the place firearms have in American culture, and the intersection of the Second Amendment with other amendments in the Constitution. Participants will focus, in particular, on the role Heller has had on the development of Second Amendment law and where, within this precedent, the law may develop from here.

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Symposium Issue of SIU Law Journal

Panel 1: A Historical Inquiry

Moderator: Cindy Buys, Acting Associate Dean and Professor, SIU School of Law

A Plague on All Our Houses: The Use and Abuse of History in D.C. v. Heller
Robert Churchill, Assistant Professor Department of Humanities,University of Hartford

Regulating Guns in Public: The Anglo-American Legal Tradition
Mark Frassetto, Senior Counsel, Everytown for Gun Safety The Second Amendment(s) in the Courts
Dave Hardy, J.D., Private Attorney

The Second Amendment(s) in the Courts
Dave Hardy, J.D., Private Attorney

Panel 2: An American Perspective

Moderator: George Mocsary, Assistant Professor, SIU School of Law

Gun Culture and American Identity at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Nicole Borrenpohl, Ph.D. candidate, Texas Tech University; Writing Specialist at SIU School of Law; Professor of English, John A. Logan College

Mass Murder: American Unexceptionalism, D.C. v. Heller (2008), and “Reasonableness”
Clayton Cramer, Adjunct Faculty, College of Western Idaho

The Second Amendment and Second-Class Rights
Darrell Miller, Melvin G. Shimm Professor of Law, Duke Law

Panel 3: Assault Weapons

Moderator: Edward Dawson, Assistant Professor SIU School of Law

The Second Amendment and Young Adults Coauthor Joseph G.S. Greenlee
Dave Kopel, Adjunct Professor of Constitutional Law, University of Denver, Sturm College of Law; Research Director, Independence Institute; Associate Policy Analyst, Cato Institute

“Assault Weapon” Myths
E. Greg Wallace, Professor of Law, Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law

Panel 4: Gun Rights Outside of the Second Amendment

Moderator: Chris Behan, Acting Dean and Professor, SIU School of Law

Automatic Authorization of Frisks in Terry Stops for Suspicion of Firearms Possession
Royce de R. Barondes, James S. Rollins Professor of Law, University of Missouri School of Law

The Interpretation of the Second Amendment as a Collective Right Leads to a Federalism Issue
Tim Kalinowski, Instructor and Coordinator (Pre-Law Minor), SIUE Political Science Department

Using Taxes to Mitigate the Costs of Gun Violence: The Legality of Taxing Firearms and Ammunition Under the First and Second Amendments
Hannah Shearer, Staff Attorney and Second Amendment Litigation Director, Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence