Zoom Policy

Southern Illinois University



Zoom Guidelines

Zoom is a video conferencing software that the law school uses to allow certain students to participate in class remotely.

Although a Zoom class is not the same as an asynchronous online class, ABA Standard 306 still considers participation by Zoom to be “distance education” because there is a physical separation between the student and professor.

Under the current law school license, the use of Zoom is greatly limited.

In general, the associate dean will abide by the following guidelines in administering Zoom technology:

  • Every request must be approved by the course instructor.

  • Approval will be limited to the either of the following –

    • A 3L student is enrolled in the Public Interest Externship or the Judicial Externship and the externship site is located more than two hours from Carbondale

    • A student has long-term health or disability-related reasons that prevent the student from attending class in person.

If a student who meets the above criteria is approved to take a course via Zoom, the law school registrar will create a separate section of the course that will be designated as a distance-education course in which the student must enroll.

Students enrolled in Zoom sections are expected to be physically present at the law school to sit for any midterms and final examinations.