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Domestic Violence Clinic

Jackson, Williamson and Union Counties

The Domestic Violence Clinic provides representation to victims of domestic violence in obtaining Orders of Protection. These orders, issued by the court, prohibit someone from harassing or abusing a victim again. The orders can also make an abuser move out of a shared house, and can make arrangements for child custody and visitation. If an abuser hurts or harasses the victim again after being ordered not to, the abuser can be charged with the crime of Violation of an Order of Protection.

How Does the Clinic Work?

The Domestic Violence Clinic is a part of the School of Law of Southern Illinois University. Students who are in their final year of law school work under the direct supervision of an experienced lawyer. Students receive credit for their work in the clinic.

The students, faculty and staff who work in the clinic are bound by the same ethical and professional requirements that apply to all lawyers and law offices. That means, among other things, that the information clients give to the clinic is confidential.

Who Is Eligible for Legal Assistance?

The Domestic Violence Clinic serves victims of domestic violence who live in Jackson, Williamson and Union Counties.

How to Obtain Services

Victims of domestic violence are normally referred to the Domestic Violence Clinic by a victim advocate who has assisted the victim in obtaining an emergency order of protection. To meet with a victim advocate, contact one of the sites listed below. Victims may also call the clinic at 618-536-4423.

Is There a Charge?

There is no charge for the services of the Domestic Violence Clinic. In most domestic violence cases there are no filing fees to pay to the court. If there are filing fees, clients will be asked to pay those fees. If a client cannot afford the fees, we can ask the court to waive the fees.

Shelter Programs with Victim Advocates:

Jackson County: Women’s Center of Carbondale- 24 hour hotline-1-800-334-2094 or business hours-618-529-2324; TTY: 866-979-6636 or 618/351-1706)

Williamson County: Women’s Center Satellite Office 618-997-0949

Union County: Women’s Shelter 618-833-4382

Public Offices with Victim Advocates:

Jackson County: Sheriff’s Dept-618/687-1303; Carbondale Police Dept.-618-457-3200(ext. 447)

Williamson County: State’s Attorney’s Office-618-997-1301, ext. 243

Union County: State’s Attorney’s Office-618-833-7216

Can anyone guarantee safety?

An order of protection is not a guarantee of safety. Even after the court issues an order, a victim of domestic violence should continue to plan for safety.

The Domestic Violence Clinic does not discriminate in provision of services or in employment. The Domestic Violence Clinic complies with the Illinois Human Rights Act, the U.S. Civil Rights Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Age Discrimination Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and the U.S. and Illinois Constitutions.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, you have a right to file a complaint. Contact the Director of the Legal Clinic.

Domestic Violence Victim Representation Program

Serving Victims of Domestic Violence in the Counties of Alexander, Johnson, Massac ,Pope, Pulaski and Saline.

Through a special project funded by the Office of Illinois Attorney General, Lisa Madigan, the Legal Clinic contracts with private attorneys to represent victims of domestic violence in the six counties indicated above. Contract attorneys receive referrals from victim advocates in the six county area. There is no charge for these services.

Victims in need of legal representation to gain separation from a violent living situation should contact a victim advocate at one of the sites listed below.

Shelter Programs With Victim Advocates

  • Cairo Women’s Shelter: 618-734-4357
  • Anna-Bixby Women’s Center: 618-252-8380
  • Guardian Family Services: 618-524-4357

State’s Attorney Victim Advocates

  • Alexander County: 618-734-0408
  • Johnson County: 618-658-9318
  • Massac County: 618-524-2587
  • Pope County: 618-683-2221
  • Pulaski County: 618-748-9134
  • Saline County: 618-253-7169