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External Scholarships, Awards & Competitions

All external scholarships, awards and competitions are ordered according to the closest deadline. If you have any questions about these scholarships, please refer to their respective links

The Mike Lawrence Scholarship

The Mike Lawrence Scholarship is designed to assist undergraduate and graduate students who have a relationship with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.  There is a preference for African Americans as well as for students who are involved in the institute’s Student Ambassador Program.

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Steinger, Iscoe & Greene Law Scholarship for Child Advocates

Application Deadline: Spring Semester- November 30 - Fall Semester- July 31

Open to applicants who meet either of the following criteria:
-You have personally worked to protect children's rights or stop abuse either as a volunteer, as a counselor, in your professional work or by legal means.
-You are an abuse survivor who wishes to use your own experiences to help others.

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Ottinger Employment Lawyer Scholarship

Deadline: December 1, 2020

Award: $1,500

Eligible Students: Applicants must be enrolled in an accredited law school and must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA.

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ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship Fund

The American Bar Association (ABA) awards an annual Legal Opportunity Scholarship to first-year law students. The mission of the program is to encourage racial and ethnic minority students to apply to law school and to provide financial assistance to attend and completing law school. The ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship grants 10 - 20 incoming diverse law students with $15,000 of financial aid over their three years in law school. Since its inception, more than 350 students from across the country have received the ABA Legal Opportunity Scholarship.

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Scholarships for LGBTQ Students

After decades of fighting oppression and discrimination, LGBTQ students have finally entered the era where they can not only feel like a part of the general college population but also receive the assistance that will help them in their studies. Of course, nothing is ideal yet, but there are special college scholarships targeting LGBTQ youth in particular that can make the process of paying tuition a little bit easier. We’ve composed a list of such scholarships and sorted them based on the award amount, from the highest to the lowest. It’s in no way exhaustive but it can give you an idea of where to look for aid and which requirements must be met for applying.

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