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Illinois Cases and Other Court Resources

Official Site of the Illinois Courts
Illinois Court Documents include Supreme Court opinions since May 23, 1996 and Appellate Court opinions since September 1, 1996; Supreme Court Rules, Policies, Announcements, Docket, and Anticipated Opinion Filings; Appellate Court Oral Argument Calendars; and recently drafted Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions. Judicial Links and Research has selected links to law-related sites, and the Supreme Court Library has lists of research materials in its collection. The site also includes general information on the Judicial Branch, Supreme Court, Appellate Court, and Circuit Court of Illinois, the Judicial Conference of Illinois, and related committees and commissions.

Illinois Circuit Court Rules on the Internet
Links to Circuit Court Rules on Court Websites.

Jackson County Circuit Court
Includes information on cases, fees, the Circuit Clerk, holidays & hours, rules of the Court, directions to the Court and contact information.

Circuit Court of Cook County
Directory of judges, court facilities and related government agencies; rules and general orders, selected general administrative rules and orders, selected opinions issued by individual judges; press releases, information booklets and newsletters issued by the court.

Clerk of the Circuit Court, Cook County
Includes online case information, division and district information, court calendars, information about fees, court forms, a self-help center for self-represented (pro se) litigants, court terms and definitions, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's).

18th Judicial Circuit Court, DuPage County
Includes information about the Court organization, including the law library, services & programs, court forms, and local court rules.

Clerk of the Circuit Court, DuPage County
Includes location and contact information, information about various types of cases, forms, fee schedules, and electronic filing.

United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit
(Jurisdiction over Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin)
Case information includes the Court calendar, docket sheets, appellate briefs, oral arguments, and judicial opinions. The site also has Federal and Circuit Rules, Practitioner's Handbook, Circuit Operating Procedures, Guidelines for Briefs and Other Papers, Brief Filing Checklist, and Brief Examples, as well as answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), contact information, reports, forms, and 7th Circuit links.

United States District Courts for Illinois:

United States Bankruptcy Courts for Illinois:

Illinois Courts
Illinois State Bar Association Links to state and federal courts based in Illinois.

Print and Micro Resources

The official reporter of Illinois Supreme Court cases is Illinois Reports, first and second series, abbreviated "Ill." or "Ill. 2d" in citations (KFI1245 .A22).

The official reporter of Illinois Appellate Court cases is Illinois Appellate Court Reports, first, second, and third series, abbreviated "Ill. App.," or "Ill. App. 2d" or "Ill. App. 3d" in citations (KFI1248 .A24).

There is also an unofficial reporter, which includes Illinois Supreme Court cases and Illinois Appellate Court cases, as well as cases from four other states: North Eastern Reporter, first and second series, abbreviated "N.E." and "N.E. 2d" in citations (KF 135 N62).

The digest that indexes Illinois Supreme Court cases and Illinois Appellate Court cases is West's Illinois Digest 2d (KFI1257 .I4 1982), which covers cases from 1938 to present. Consult the original Illinois Digest (KFI1257 .I4) for cases prior to 1938.

Illinois Supreme Court Records and Briefs
Records and briefs are released after case is over. Library has records and briefs for cases with docket numbers 45000 and higher.
FICHE D-S 1598 (cabinets CC through EE)


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