Area attorneys teach Russian law students about U.S. legal system

Southern Illinois University



Area attorneys teach Russian law students about U.S. legal system

October 31, 2016


Dean Cynthia Fountaine and students at Southern Illinois University School of Law, on behalf of the American Bar Association's International Human Rights Committee, are serving as liaisons between Udmurt State University in Russia and volunteers who present lectures on domestic legal topics as part of the Russian Law Skype Program.

The program connects lawyers in the United States with Russian law students at Udmurt State University, and provides the students with an opportunity to improve their English skills while learning about the United States legal system.

The lecturers volunteer approximately one hour of their time to speak with the Russian students on a topic of the presenter’s choosing via Zoom, a video conferencing program.

The sessions, which are held weekly, began on September 22, 2016, and will conclude on December 15, 2016. 

Participating attorneys/topics include: Angela Rollins "Death Penalty in the U.S."; Susan Burns "Business Law in the U.S."; Kim Pikul "Immigration Law"; Allen James "Mental Health Law"; Michaela Cocchi "Business and Human Rights"; Jacqueline Klosek "Privacy Law"; Robert Fitzpatrick "Employment Discrimination"; and Kevin Rardin "Role of the Prosecutor in the Criminal Justice System".