Martin Parsons, Adjunct Professor, SIU School of Law to speak at local StorytellersSX Conference

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Martin Parsons, Adjunct Professor, SIU School of Law to speak at local StorytellersSX Conference

October 31, 2017


Martin Parsons, Adjunct Professor of Law, VLAP Program


From Marion VA Medical Center press release

On November 9th, the Marion VA Medical Center and the SIU Veterans Center will host a conference in which Veterans will present their stories in a “ted Talk” like platform. All of our speakers are Veterans from the Southern Illinois community. We have seven speakers scheduled to share their stories of how they have successfully integrated back into the community and continue to serve; each presenter will speak for about five to seven minutes.      

Fewer Americans serve in the military today than ever before.  With base consolidation, post 9/11 security measures, repeated deployments, and an all-volunteer force, most civilians have been isolated from service members and military culture.

Research shows that a majority of Americans view Veterans as either broken or heroic.  In reality, Veterans are everyday Americans with diverse experiences and stories to share.  Research shows that Veterans are more civically engaged – they vote, volunteer and serve in their communities at higher rates than their civilian counterparts.  StorytellersX showcases the exemplary talents and ideas of some of our country’s brightest and most groundbreaking veterans.  The program gives Veterans the opportunity to share their stories, challenge stereotypes and misconceptions, foster understanding and connect with their communities.

Our Confirmed speakers include:  Dr. Hank Deiters, Angelo Hightower, Francis Pass, John Okerson, Tom Harnes, Martin Parsons and Christopher Seaman. 

Attendance is free and will provide an opportunity for community members to gain an understanding of the veteran experience, build relationships and connections, and inspire local leaders to empower Veterans to lead again. 


Where: Varsity Theatre, 418 S. Illinois, Ave. Carbondale, Il

When: November 9th, doors open at 5:30pm with the first speaker going on at 6:00pm

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For more information, contact Williams Martinez at or Paul Copeland at