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Suzanne J. Schmitz

Suzanne Schmitz


Professor Suzanne J. Schmitz believes that being a lawyer is an honor, and so she spent her career challenging future lawyers to meet the standard of being competent, diligent, ethical, skilled, and committed to public service. These are the abilities needed if lawyers are entrusted with the great responsibility they have for people’s lives, liberties, and properties.

She wants to see students succeed in law school and then in practice. She coordinated the law school's academic success program, designed to help students learn the tools of “thinking like a lawyer.” Prior to her duties with the Academic Success Program, Professor Schmitz worked for twelve years in the ADR Clinic at SIU where her particular area of interest was mediation. She has written extensively on mediation and other ADR topics and has served on several committees regarding ADR.

Additionally, Professor Schmitz assisted with bar admission and bar preparation. Professor Schmitz has been in legal education because she enjoyed two professions she loves: teaching and law. She is a 1969 graduate of St. Xavier College in Chicago, with a B.A. in Philosophy. She also earned an M.S. Ed. from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in 1976, and a J.D. (Magna cum Laude) from St. Louis University School of Law in 1981. She is admitted to practice in Illinois, Missouri, and the Central and Southern United States District Courts in Illinois.

In retirement, Professor Schmitz will volunteer on bar association projects and community activities.

Courses Taught

  • 640 - Alternative Dispute Resolution