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Faculty Activities | Fall 2018

Cindy Buys

  • Primer on the Cuban Legal System, 19 Coastal L. Rev. 27 (2018)
  • Summer Class Continues SIU-Cuba Legacy, SIU Alumni Magazine (fall 2018).

  • Animal Science Products v. Hebei Welcome Pharmaceutical Co. and the Supreme Court’s doctrine of “respectful consideration”, 56 The Globe 4 (Oct. 2018)

  • Illinois Department of Human Rights Award for Leadership and Commitment to Fairness and Equality 2018.

Bill Drennan

  • Can Boilerplate Raise Contracts of the Dead from the Grave?, Probate & Prop. (forthcoming). 
  • Contracts of the Dead and Boilerplate, Case W. Res. L. Rev. (forthcoming).


John Erbes

  • Presentation at John Marshall Law School Veterans Legal Symposium Panel on Financial Exploitation of Veterans and Seniors (Oct. 25, 2018).
  • Panelist, Webinar Discussing Access to Justice for Rural Veterans, National Law School Veterans Clinic Consortium (June 27, 2018).

  • Panelist, Midwest Clinical Conference, Notre Dame Law School (forthcoming October 5-7, 2018).

Michael Koehler

Associate Professor of Law

  • Quoted in Aaron Blake, Is floating a $50 million Trump Tower penthouse for Vladimir Putin illegal?, Wash. Post (Nov. 30, 2018), https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/11/30/is-floating-million-trump-tower-penthouse-vladimir-putin‑illegal/?fbclid=IwAR06O5Uv9S8DpR19‑TnCcY_dc57v11qnSB9ZasGqOzdThMGRCFRefYppNlY&utm_term=.c92fd2eef07a.
  • Professor Mike Koehler has authored his second book on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act titled "Strategies for Minimizing Risk Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Related Laws" (Edward Elgar Publishing). This follows Professor Koehler's first book "The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in a New Era" (Edward Elgar Publishing 2014). 

  • The Story of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, 73 Ohio St. L.J. 929, 996 (2012), cited in United States v. Hoskins, No. 16-1010-CR, 2018 WL 4038192, at *13 (2d Cir. Aug. 24, 2018).

Doug Lind


  • A Bibliography of Littleton’s Tenures as an Archetype for the Study of Early English Legal Printing. Read the full article here 
  • Andrew Duncan Duff; Southern Illinois Judge, Prisoner of State, and Frontier Legal Educator, 11 Unbound: A Review of Legal History and Rare Books (forthcoming 2019).


George Mocsary

  • A Close Reading of an Excellent Distant Reading of Heller in the Courts, 68 Duke L.J. Online 41. Read the full article here
  • Tyranny Control and the Second Amendment, Address to the Capital University School of Law Federalist Society Chapter, with Commentary by Daniel T. Kobil, Professor of Law (Sept. 10, 2018).

  • The Second Amendment as Tyranny Control, Address to the University of Toledo College of Law Federalist Society Chapter, with Commentary by Gregory M. Gilchrist, Professor of Law (Sept. 5, 2018).

Valerie Munson

  • Presentation on Church Sanctuary at the Unitarian Fellowship (Oct. 14, 2018).

Andy Pardieck

  • Bargained Justice: A Comparative Analysis of Plea Bargaining, Presentation at Harvard Law School (Sept. 29, 2018).

Martin Parsons

Adjunct Professor of Law, VLAP Program

  • Moderated John Marshall Law School Veterans Legal Symposium Panel on Financial Exploitation of Veterans and Seniors (Oct. 25, 2018).

Heidi Ramos

Staff Attorney

  • The Need to Revisit Legal Education in an Era of Increased Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive and Autism Spectrum Disorders, DICK. L. REV. (2018) read the article here

Sheila Simon

  • Keynote Address at the Illinois League of Women Voters State of the State Dinner (forthcoming Sept. 29, 2018).