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Faculty Activities | Spring 2015

Professor Cheryl Anderson

  • Elected the 2015 Chair of the AALS Section on Disability Law.

Assistant Professor Jennifer A. Brobst

  • Submission entitled The Digital Wild Frontier: Public Records Requests for Whole Databases and Metadata in Public Health and Criminal Justice accepted for presentation at the Northern Kentucky Law Review and Chase College of Law 4th Annual Law + Informatics Institute Symposium on Digital Evidence on February 27, 2015.

  • Submission entitled Whether Public Health will Redefine Consent to Assault and the Intentional Foul in Gladiator Sports accepted for presentation at the Cleveland-Marshall School of Law Journal of Law and Health’s Annual Symposium on The Social, Ethical, and Legal Consequences of Sports-Related Brain Injuries.

  • Publication released of Admissibility of Evidence in North Carolina, North Carolina Practice Series, Thomson Reuters (2014-2015)  

  • Presented at the AALS Annual Meeting, Washington DC (January 2015):

    • Panel Facilitator, “Pedagogy Promoting Practice-Ready Law Students: Lessons Learned from Recent Practice,” Section on Balance in Legal Education
    • Panelist, “Blowing Up Part-Time Programs,” Section on Part-Time Legal Education
  • Presented on “Preparing Practice-Ready Students” at Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshops, Southern Illinois University School of Law (December 2014)

Assistant Professor Ed Dawson

  • His article, Qualified Immunity for Officers’ Reasonable Reliance on Lawyers’ Advice, was accepted for publication in the Northwestern University Law Review and will be published in Spring 2016.  

Assistant Professor Lucian Dervan

  • Served as a moderator regarding Hot Topics in White Collar Crime at the 2015 Georgia White Collar Crime Conference (February 20, 2015).

  • Served as a moderator regarding Plea Bargaining at the 2015 NACDL White Collar Criminal Defense College at Stetson (March 13, 2015).
  • His article, White Collar Crime: Still Hazy After All These Years (co-authored with Prof. Ellen Podgor), was accepted for publication in the Georgia Law Review and will be published in Spring 2016.

Director of Legal Clinic and Associate Professor John Erbes

  • Reappointed by the Illinois Supreme Court as the Professor/Reporter for the Committee on Illinois Pattern Jury Instructions – Criminal. The appointment is for the 2015 calendar year.

Assistant Professor Ryan Holte

  • Awarded two research grants by George Mason University School of Law to cover summer RA employment in furtherance of two empirical research articles on patent litigation outcomes.

        Speaking Engagements:

  • PATCON 5: The Annual Patent Conference – Lawrence, KS (April 2015); The Patent Conference, University of Kansas School of Law.  Selected to present article regarding patent injunction law.

  • Patent Practices for Technology Startups – Carbondale, IL (April 2015); Dunn Richmond Economic Development Center, Southern Illinois University.  Presentation to SIU senior research faculty and local technology businesses regarding patent practices for technology startup businesses.

  • Research Presentation – San Diego, CA (March 2015); Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property, George Mason University School of Law.  Presentation to senior scholars regarding patent clearance procedure research.

  • 12TH Annual Intellectual Propoerty Law Seminar – Washington, DC (March 2015); Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice, Howard University School of Law.  Invited to speak and present paper regarding patent assertion entities.

  • Trolls or Toll Takers: Do IP NPES Add Value to Society – Orange, CA (January 2015); 2015 Chapman Law Review Symposium, Chapman University Fowler School of Law.  Invited and funded to research, draft, and present article regarding patent injunction law.  Presented on panel with Samuel Ernst, Robin Feldman, Brian Frye, and Amy Landers. 

Professor Emeritus Frank Houdek

  • April 8, 2015, Speaker, Law Library Association of Greater New York Program, “Librarian to the C Suite: Progressive Career Growth to the Upper Echelons,” New York, New York.                                                                                                

  • March 13, 2015, Speaker, NINE Spring Training Conference on the Historical and Sociological Impact of Baseball, “The Evolution of ‘The Tools of Ignorance’ and the U.S. Patent System” (with Ed Edmonds), Tempe, Arizona.

Assistant Professor Mike Koehler

  • Panelist, Santa Clara Journal of International Law Symposium, “Critical Global Business Issues: When Theory Meets Practice,” Santa Clara University School of Law (February 6, 2015) (Santa Clara, CA), Presented Paper “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Ripples.”

  • Panelist, UC Davis Law Review Symposium, “Corruption and Compliance: Promoting Integrity in a Global Economy,” UC Davis School of Law (January 23, 2015) (Davis, CA), Presented Working Paper “Measuring the Impact of Non-Prosecution and Deferred Prosecution Agreements on FCPA Enforcement”

  • Panelist, Fordham Law Review Symposium, “Regulating Corruption in America and Abroad,” Fordham University School of Law (March 6, 2015) (New York, NY), Presented Paper “The Uncomfortable Truths and Double Standards of Bribery Enforcement” to be published in the Fordham Law Review

  • Featured source in the Wall Street Journal article, “Wall Street Pushes Back on Foreign Bribery Probe.” (April 29, 2015)

Professor Sue Liemer

  • Served as a judge for the National Cultural Heritage Law Moot Court Competition hosted by DePaul. The problem was based on the Visual Artists Rights Act.

  • Served on an ABA site team, reviewing Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for their ABA accreditation review. 

Clinical Professor Melissa Marlow

  • Selected to serve as a delegate to the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois.

  • Her article, Does Kingsfield Live: Teaching with Authenticity in Today’s Law Schools, was accepted for publication in the JLE and will be published in the August 2015 edition.

Professor Trish McCubbin

  • Published an article entitled Regulation of Greenhouse Gases and Other Air Pollutants in the First Obama Administration and Major Air Issues for the Second Term, 21 Buffalo Envtl. L.J. 47-68 (2014).

Assistant Professor George Mocsary

  • Published three online chapters to my casebook, Firearms Law and the Second Amendment:  Regulation, Rights, & Policy:  Chapter 12 in Social Science, Chapter 13 on International Law, Chapter 14 on Comparative Law, and Chapter 15, In-Depth Explanation of Firearms and Ammunition.  The chapters are available for download at http://firearmsregulation.org/.  

Professor Angela Upchurch

  • Presented on “Assessment through Online Videos: Using ‘Flipped’ Learning Theory to Assist Students in Making Connections” at the Legal Writing Institute One-Day Workshops, Southern Illinois University School of Law (December 2014).
  • Re-elected to the Executive Committee, Teaching Methods Section, AALS.

Assistant Professor Nolan Wright

  • Selected as a fellow for the Seventh Annual Boulder Conference on Legal Information, to be held from July 16-17 in Philadelphia, PA. The Boulder Conference is a gathering of invited law librarians that has met annually since 2009 to critique scholarly works-in-progress and to discuss best practices in both teaching legal research and in expanding access to collections.