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Faculty Activities | Summer 2017

Acting Dean and Professor Chris Behan

  • Completed annual revisions for the treatise MILITARY CRIMES AND DEFENSES (LexisNexis 2017 Annual Update)

Assistant Professor Jennifer A. Brobst

  • Completed the annual revisions for the treatise Admissibility of Evidence in North Carolina, Thomson Reuters State Practice Series (2017-2018, print and digital editions)

  • The Modern Penny Dreadful:  Public Prosecution and Cybercrime Victims in a Digital Age, 96(2) Neb. L. Rev. _____ (2017) (forthcoming)

Professor and Director of International Law Programs Cindy Buys

  • Presenter, “Refugees and Asylum Seekers,” Lions Club, Carbondale, IL, July 21, 2017.

  • Presenter, “Employer Rights and Responsibilities,” Southern Illinois University School of Law, Carbondale, IL, June 27, 2017.

  • Presenter, “Know Your Rights: Relief from Removal Orders,” Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project, St. Joe’s Catholic Church, Cobden, IL, May 6, 2017

Assistant Professor Ed Dawson

  • Gave a Supreme Court Update presentation at the Eastern District of Missouri, Southeastern Division, Law Day, May 1, 2017.

Library Director and Professor of Law Doug Lind

  • "Legal History Learned as Legal Bibliography Well Told: The Case for Rare Book Courses in the Law School Curriculum." 109 Law Library Journal 309-315 (2017).

  • "Repackaging Periodicals for the Holiday Season: The Peculiar Nature and Economics of Spurious Gift Book Production." 111 Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 407-413 (2017).

Assistant Professor George Mocsary

  • Presented article, Guns, Bird Feather, and Overcriminalization:  Why Courts Should Take the Second Amendment Seriously, to the Chicago chapter of the Lawyer’s Division of the Federalist Society.

  • Ran the Fourth Annual Law and Economics Reading Group with a group of 8 students.  

  • Gave a talk on Insider Trading, Demonization of the Financial Sector, and Judicial Complacency at SEALS.

Clinical Associate Professor Valerie J. Munson

  • On Holy Ground: Church Sanctuary in the Trump Era, 47 Sw. L. Rev. ___ (2017) (forthcoming)