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Faculty Activities | Summer 2018

Professor Chris Behan

  •  Evidence and the Advocate: A Contextual Approach to Learning Evidence (2018).

  • Teacher’s Manual for Evidence and the Advocate: A Contextual Approach to Learning Evidence (2018).

  • Instructor, Lawyers Without Borders 2018 Support Through Trial Advocacy Training (STTAT) Program (June 2018) (program was for prosecuting attorneys, magistrate judges, and investigating officers involved in prosecuting wildlife trafficking cases in Tanzania).

  • Instructor, Legal Aid of Oklahoma Trial Skills Program (Aug. 6-8, 2018)


Assistant Professor Jennifer A. Brobst

  • Criminal Offenses and Defenses in Alabama, State Practice Series (4th ed., forthcoming 2018-19).

  • Admissibility of Evidence in North Carolina, State Practice Series (forthcoming 2018-19) (print and digital).

  • The Metal Eye:  Ethical Regulation of the Use of Technology to Observe Humans in Confinement, 55 Cal. W. L. Rev. (forthcoming Fall 2018).
  • Book Review, 41 Rts. Q. (forthcoming 2019) (reviewing Bernice Yeung, In a Day’s Work:  The Fight to End Sexual Violence Against America’s Most Vulnerable Workers (The New Press 2018)).

  • How Colleges Can Refine Their Student Social Media Policies to Curb Harassment, Campus Safety Magazine(June 25, 2018), https://www.campussafetymagazine.com/author/guestauthors/.

  • Harassment, Stalking, and Social Media: Developing Honor Codes for Non-Academic Misconduct in Higher Education, Presentation at Campus Safety West National Conference (July 31, 2018).

  • Legal Restrictions on Crime Victim Litigant and Witness Anonymity, CLE Webinar, National Association of Victim Rights Attorneys (May 8, 2018).

  • Adjunct Faculty Cross-Appointment, SIU Dept. of Public Health.

Acting Dean, Professor and Director of International Law Programs Cindy Buys

Assistant Professor Ed Dawson

  • Scope of Authority Limitations on Qualified Immunity Under 42 U.S.C. 1983, Presentation at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2018 Annual Meeting (Aug. 8, 2018).

Professor Bill Drennan

  • Contracts of the Dead: When Should They Haunt the Living?, Mex. L. Rev. (forthcoming).

Professor Cindy Fountaine

  • “Don’t Come Around Here No More”: Narrowing Personal Jurisdiction Over Non-Resident Corporations in Illinois, 42 Ill. U.L.J. 593 (2018).

  • Traversing the New Personal Jurisdiction Landscape, Federal Civil Practice Seminar, co-sponsored by the Illinois State Bar Association Federal Civil Practice Section and the Federal Bar Association. 

  • Fulbright Specialist Roster.
  • Civil Rights Analyst, United States Commission on Civil Rights.

  • Conference Organizer, The Impact of Policing Practices on the Administration of Justice (focusing on police practices as they relate to persons with mental health issues).
  • Chair, AALS Section on Women in Legal Education.

  • Executive Committee, AALS Section on Professional Responsibility.

  • Commissioner & Education Committee Chair, Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism.
  • Vice Chair for Programs, International Legal Education & Specialist Certification Committee, ABA Section on International Law.

  • Steering Committee, International Refugee Law Committee, ABA Section on International Law.

  • Steering Committee & Liaison on International Legal Education, International Human Rights Committee, ABA Section on International Law.

  • Chair, ABA Site Inspection Team.

Associate Professor Mike Koehler

  • Strategies for Minimizing Risk Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Related Laws (forthcoming October 2018).

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Continuity in a Transition Year, Carolina L. Rev. (forthcoming).

Associate Professor George Mocsary

  • A Close Reading of an Excellent Distant Reading of Heller in the Courts, 67 DUKE L.J. ONLINE (forthcoming 2018).

  • Discussant at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2018 Annual Meeting Discussion Group: The Role of Corporate Personhood in Masterpiece Cakeshop (Aug. 11, 2018).

  • Discussant at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2018 Annual Meeting Discussion Group: United States v. Martoma and the Future of Insider Trading Law (Aug. 9, 2017).
  • Commenter at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools 2018 Annual Meeting Prospective Law Teachers Mock Interview Workshop (Aug. 7, 2018).

  • Attended Reforming Our Institutions, George Mason University Institute for Humane Studies and State Policy Network Joint Seminar (July 20-21, 2018).
  • Insider Trading, Demonization of the Financial Sector, and Judicial Complacency, Presentation at the 2018 National Business Law Scholars Conference (June 21, 2018).

  • Tyranny Control? The Legal History of the Second Amendment, Address to the Washington University School of Law Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 11, 2018).

  • Presentation on Campus Carry to the Mercer University School of Law Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 17, 2018).
  • Guns & Moral Panic: Sound-Byte Overcriminalization and Judicial Acquiescence, Address to the University of Memphis: Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law Federalist Society Chapter (Apr. 25, 2018).

  • Presentation on the Tyranny Control Function of the Second Amendment to the University of Toledo College of Law Federalist Society Chapter (forthcoming Apr. 17, 2018).

  • Organizer of and Presenter at the AALS 2019 Annual Meeting, Open Source Panel: Judicial Supremacy (forthcoming Jan. 5, 2019).

  • Colloquium Participant at the Federalist Society and the Liberty Fund’s Revisiting Corporate Social Responsibility Colloquium (forthcoming Jan. 25-26, 2019).

  • Retrieved, for use in future research and publication, 62 pounds of copies of original and semi-original sources on militia law from private scholar James Heath.

Clinical Associate Professor Valerie J. Munson

  • Sanctuary: Past and Present, Presentation for by the Southern Illinois Immigrant Rights Project (June 19, 2018) (with Cindy Buys).


Staff Attorney Heidi Ramos

  • The Need to Revisit Legal Education in an Era of Increased Diagnosis of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive and Autism Spectrum Disorders, L. Rev. (forthcoming 2018)

  • The Loss of True Grit or an Inside Look at Retaking the Bar Exam, The Learning Curve (2018).

Professor Mark Schultz

  • How IP Driven Innovation is Meeting Global Health Challenges, Innovate for Health (April 2018).

  • Speaker at Innovate for Health, Geneva Network-WIPO Think Tank Roundtable (May 2018).

  • Speaker at IP & Access to Medicines, Galen Centre-Geneva Network Health & Innovation Roundtable (August 2018).

  • One of three U.S. experts in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's US-India Intellectual Property Dialogue.

Visiting Assistant Professor Sheila Simon

  • Presentation at the AALS 2019 Annual Meeting, President’s Panel: Bridging the Divide of Political Polarization: A Conversation Among Elected Officials (forthcoming Jan. 4, 2019).