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Faculty Scholarship Highlights


Christopher W. Behan, Evidence and the Advocate:  A Contextual Approach to Learning Evidence (with Antony B. Kolenc) (Carolina Academic Press, 2d ed., 2018); and Military Crimes and Defenses (with David A. Schlueter, III, Charles H. Rose, and Victor M. Hansen) (LexisNexis, 3d ed., 2018)

Jennifer A. Brobst, Admissibility of Evidence in North Carolina (Thomson Reuters, 2018-2019 ed.); and Criminal Offenses and Defenses in Alabama (Thomson Reuters, 2019)

Michael Koehler, Strategies for Minimizing Risk Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Related Laws (Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018)

Douglas Lind, Dred Scott v. Sandford: Opinions and Contemporary Commentary (William S. Hein & Co., 2017)

Steven J. Macias, Legal Science in the Early Republic:  The Origins of American Legal Thought and Education (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016)

Sheila Simon, Legal Writing (with Richard K. Neumann, Jr. and Suzianne D. Painter-Thorne) (Wolters Kluwer (Aspen), 4th ed., 2019)

Angela Upchurch, Click and Learn:  Civil Procedure (with Susan Gilles and Cynthia M. Ho) (Carolina Academic Press, in press)