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"Qualified Immunity for Officers' Reasonable Reliance on Lawyers' Advice." 110 Northwestern University Law Review (2016) [IN PRESS].

"Adjusting the Presumption of Constitutionality Based on Margin of Statutory Passage." 16 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 99-152 (2013).

"Speak Now or Hold Your Peace: Prearbitration Express Waivers of Evident-Partiality Challenges." 63 American University Law Review 307-355 (2013).

"Two Civil Rights Decisions Close Out Supreme Court’s 2008 Term." 10 Engage 4-9 (October 2009) (with Christian J. Ward).

"Texas Supreme Court Holds that Trial Courts Must Give Reasons for Granting New Trials." 47 Houston Lawyer 28-29 (September/October 2009)

"Appellate Mediation in Texas and Beyond." 40 The Advocate (Litigation Section of the State Bar of Texas) 20-25 (Fall 2007) (with Christian J. Ward).

"Legigation." 79 Texas Law Review 1727-1761 (2001) (student work).