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"Replacing Monell Liability with Qualified Immunity for Municipal Defendants in Section 1983 Litigation."  86 University of Cincinnati Law Review (IN PRESS).

"Qualified Immunity for Officers' Reasonable Reliance on Lawyers’ Advice." 110 Northwestern University Law Review 525-88 (2016) 

"Foreword: Symposium on the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing: Procedural Justice, Policing and Public Health." 40 Southern Illinois University Law Journal 415-18 (2016) (with Cynthia Fountaine).

 "Adjusting the Presumption of Constitutionality Based on Margin of Statutory Passage." 16 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 99-152 (2013).

"Speak Now or Hold Your Peace: Prearbitration Express Waivers of Evident-Partiality Challenges." 63 American University Law Review 307-355 (2013).

 "Legigation." 79 Texas Law Review 1727-1761 (2001).