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External Relations Staff

Carly Holtkamp

Director of Law School External Relations

Office: Room 104B
Phone: (618)-453-8312
e-mail: carly.holtkamp@siu.edu

The Director of Law School External Relations reports to the Dean as a member of the law school’s senior leadership team, and is the senior administrative officer for the School of Law communications programs.

Carly is responsible for strategic oversight and management of law school resources engaged in alumni relations, community and business relations, marketing, media relations, communications, and social media.

She works with a wide range of departments, students and faculty within the law school to develop and implement communication and marketing strategies to promote law school programs, events and accomplishments; to launch targeted fundraising campaigns; to engage alumni participation and support; and to effectively manage the publicity of law school events.

Monica Murray

Office Manager


Barbara Smith

Project Information Coordinator

Lesar Law Building, Room 104E
Phone: (618)-453-3258
e-mail: smithb3@siu.edu

Barb has been with the School of Law for 20 years. Her duties include:

+ Designs layout and artwork for print, electronic publications, and web pages to promote educational programs and events using page-layout and graphics software, including InDesign, Photoshop, Fireworks, Adobe Illustrator, and Dreamweaver.
+ Creates and modifies web pages in Cascade (a content management system) for all departments at the School of Law (excluding the Registrar).
+ Troubleshoots website issues.
+ Develops web-based forms.
+ Designs t-shirt concepts for various functions and works with suppliers.
+ Creates email blasts for event invitations, alumni email, alumni newsletters using the EMMA email platform.
+ Enforces brand compliance guidelines for law school communications.
+ Serves as the photographer and photo editor for some law school events.
+ Oversees social media across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
+ Designs a weekly email which is distributed to all students, faculty and staff.
+ Maintains and publishes the display boards in the Dean's Office area and the Formal Lounge.
+ Maintains a Google calendar for all law school events.
+ Handles signage and display needs for law school events.

Maryl Wildermuth

Alumni Database/360 Alumni