#SIULAW Associate Dean, Steve Macias, talks with local ABC affiliate, WSIL TV3, about the Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

October 13, 2020 , Madeline Parker | WSIL TV3


CARBONDALE (WSIL) -- Steven Macias, associate dean and associate professor at the SIU School of Law, says the Supreme Court confirmation hearings could change the course of history.

"The Supreme Court has the ability to make decisions that can affect every day lives," said Macias.

Some of the biggest changes that could happen with Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation would be with Roe v. Wade, the Affordable Care Act, and even the legality of same sex marriage.

And those changes could be seen relatively quickly.

"The week after the election, the Supreme Court will be hearing a case on health care, on the Affordable Care Act," said Macias.

Barrett has expressed her opposition to the Affordable Care Act in the past, which means her confirmation could cause people with pre-existing conditions to lose insurance or pay more for coverage.

Barrett has also expressed her personal opposition to Roe v Wade but said her personal beliefs would not impact her ability to interpret the law.

Despite this, if Barrett were to rule against Roe v. Wade, some states would feel the immediate impact.

"It might not affect people in Southern Illinois as directly as it might affect people just 45 minutes away or an hour away in Missouri, or in Kentucky, or in Indiana," said Macias. "So once the Supreme court said that abortion, reproductive freedom, is no longer protected by the constitution, then states would instantly be allowed to pass more restrictive laws making it more and more difficult."

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