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The Legal Clinics fulfill the Law School’s mission to serve the public good and to ensure access to justice by providing legal assistance to under-represented populations throughout southern Illinois. Serving residents in southern Illinois, our legal offices offer students the opportunity to work closely with clinical faculty while representing clients in a variety of cases.

Civil Practice/Elderly

The Civil Practice/Elderly Clinic provides a broad range of civil legal services to those 60 and over. Some of the services offered include estate planning, drafting wills and powers of attorney, obtaining guardianships for disabled adults and minor children, advocating for victims of elder abuse and representing clients with credit problems.

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Clinic provides representation to victims of domestic violence in obtaining Orders of Protection. These orders, issued by the court, prohibit someone from harassing or abusing a victim again. The orders can also make an abuser move out of a shared house, and can make arrangements for child custody and visitation. If an abuser hurts or harasses the victim again after being ordered not to, the abuser can be charged with the crime of Violation of an Order of Protection.

Veterans' Legal Assistance Program Clinic

The Veterans’ Legal Assistance Program Clinic (“VLAP”) provides free legal assistance to Veterans in southern Illinois who cannot afford or do not have access to legal representation in the appeals of claims for compensation for service-connected disabilities, pension benefits, survivor benefits, and education benefits.